• I can’t be sure which font is suitable, but usually, handwritten fonts are combined with basic fonts.

      You can search for sample images on search engines like Google and take screenshots.
      To find out what font to use, see my writing on “What The Font

      • Thank you for the insight – I did get a handwritten font for my photographs that I think will blend nice with being personable as well. It is a legacy site that is a serious topic, though you want to keep it real. I just wrote a piece now about one of our endeavors, its personable combined with a message.

        I hear you on the what others do idea, I have not once opened an article how to blog or ideas to blog – I am too lazy to blog and keep a time table and think of ideas like bath the dog day; thus a website with a lot of me sharing. Either you going to like it or you think it is flumadiddle . 🙂

        You have an eye for this stuff, the other people set up legacy pages for either non profit or business of lecturing and coaching for families. I do not want to bring in my career as a CV for instance, now I am OCD’ing about the correct font to read calm on the eyes 🙂

        (I know there is no pills for this stupidity – ductape )

      • Thanks again to you Maryke.

        Actually I don’t like writing but I like reading even though it’s like a waste of time, and I really appreciate every writing of my friends on their blog.
        Hope your days are fun

      • I am an avid reader as well, there is no such thing as wasting time reading !! I am having fun thanks, and writing is not everyone’s
        cup of tea. Now poetry or keeping a journal, no way.
        Hope your weekend is blissfully what you need.

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