Nathalia Font

Nathalia is an elegant and flowing handwritten font. It retains a classy calligraphic influence while feeling contemporary and fresh.
Nathalia font is PUA encoded which means you can access all the glyphs and sweeps easily!
Fall in love with this font and take your project to the highest level!

Nathalia Font
Illustration © Romie Creative

Font Preview & Downloads

Nathalia Font
Font NameNathalia
DesignerRomie Creative
File TypeTTF
File Size32.5 KB
Release DateOctober 06, 2020
LicenseFree for personal use
CompatibilityWindows, Apple/Mac, Linux

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One comment

  1. Oh, yessss!
    What times, what memories …

    Listen to your old friend:

    Strange! Natasha was one of my strangest friends. At that time, we were repairing the lighthouse installations on the Black Sea coast. There were a few headlights, usually we just changed the fuses, because there were big fluctuations in electricity.
    It was evening, I was late at the lighthouse at Agigea, so I hurried to Constanța. It had started to rain and a splinter of metal, which had jumped into my eyes while I was changing a light bulb, was embarrassing me. I blinked often, with my right eye in tears, and at one point, I leaned over my bag for some paper handkerchiefs.
    Something, something subliminal, a twitching of the nerves, made my left hand suddenly pull on the steering wheel, and I was already skidding on the wet road.
    I get down, swearing, and then I hear her. In fact, I only heard a kind of ritual song that I had heard before, a song of mourning, a song of death. It was heard slowly, very slowly, from somewhere in the bushes I had passed by. I approached, my heart pounding in my chest, and she was there. A child about eleven years old, with red hair and green, phosphorescent eyes. She was completely naked as I saw her, hidden behind a bush. – Come over! Come to me, I said. I’m not going to hurt you. – You hit me with your car … – But I didn’t want to, I just bent down, the road was clear … I, I just want you to forgive me! “Everyone wants to hurt me,” the child whispers. – Why? I ask, but all sorts of images pop into my mind. I fight with them, but the flames penetrate my clothes, horror takes over me, death grins at me with a ugly face.
    I turn my back on him and go to the car, which doesn’t seem to be damaged. I get behind the wheel and start the engine. In a few maneuvers I bring the car back on the road.
    I’m waiting.
    She is now dressed in a long dress, molded to a perfect body. She is almost twenty years old and has a vampire look.
    – And say! Did I hit you with the car? I ask her.
    – Oh, honey! I just wanted someone to get me out of town.
    – OK! But next time it would be enough to lift the skirt.
    I had a great time with Natasha, as I called her. We went through all the restaurants in Constanța, drank, ate, danced, played in the beds of the Alvorado hotel, and then, in the morning, we brought her back to the forest. I once watched her, but she disappeared like smoke.
    Today is different, she is nervous.
    “What’s going on, Natasha?”
    – Nothing! he answers me.
    At the corner of the road, where I was leaving her in the car, she grabbed me by the cheeks:
    – Run! Run, Michael!
    – Why?
    “Because I’m pregnant with you.” Run away! Run, Michael!
    He was barely lost in the foliage of the forest when a fierce storm started, as if out of the blue. The trees twisted like twigs.
    Lightning flashed through the sky, and then they approached the car.
    I started the car in a hurry, and through lightning and collapsed trees, I managed to get out of the forest.
    For three days I did not have the courage to enter the forest. Then I parked there again, but she didn’t come.
    Time passed, I was promoted to Chief of the Post Office, life was going smoothly, I even had someone in the neighboring town … when a kid about five years old came to me at the counter.
    “Yes, kid,” I say.
    “My mother gave me this for you.”
    – For me? I ask and look more closely at the kids.
    I’m starting to sweat.
    Slowly unfold the envelope:
    – Honey! we’ve raised him so far, but a boy needs to know his father. That’s what we think is good. Be careful, he’s not an ordinary child. With love, your Natasha.
    I’m getting a cough.
    The kid asks me:
    – Are you sick, Dad?
    He moves his left hand and my cough passes instantly.

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